At BeenThere, we recognize that students provide highly relevant insights into the unique characteristics of each program. We're thrilled to share our first Culture and Classroom report, which seeks to capture the perspectives of current and recent students into what makes their programs tick. See a short preview below and scroll down to download the full report!


Respondents felt a true balance between campus and travel, with responses averaging a dead center 4.0 and responses clustered normally. Reflecting its suburban campus, Kellogg ranked as the most campus oriented, averaging 2.9, while HBS scored as the most travel-focused (4.8).

In one of the most dispersed categories, respondents demonstrated markedly different orientations for their programs, with 45% marking either a 1, 2, 6, or 7. Stanford respondents showed a soft-skills orientation (scoring a 5.8, the highest of any individual category), while Booth respondents were the most academic-focused at a 2.4.