Service Offerings

Comprehensive Services
Seeking comprehensive guidance and in-depth feedback? Our school by school packages provide unlimited hands-on mentorship.
One School
  • Utilize your mentor to optimally meet your needs in our flexible, comprehensive flat-fee option
  • Build your brand and story to effectively apply at your primary target school
  • Includes all hourly services
Additional Schools
  • With your story and brand developed, add additional schools to fine tune your personal positioning to each program
  • Include secondary mentors at each school to ensure a targeted and focused messaged
  • Includes all hourly services
Hourly Services
Hourly Services allow you to flexibly engage with mentors to meet your specific needs. Below are commonly utilized services and a recommended number of hours for each service.
Brainstorming (1 Hour)
  • Leverage your mentor's relevant background to help develop your application strategy
  • Hone in on the important sub-narratives of your life to build out your personal brand
  • Identify potential to do's to strengthen your application​​​
Resume Review (1 Hour)
  • Craft a business school ready, action-oriented resume that clearly conveys your strengths
  • Determine how to optimally structure your resume based on your industry
  • Avoid unnecessary errors and typos with an extra set of eyes​​​​​​​​​
Essay Development (2 Hours/Essay)
  • Create compelling essays by understanding specific intent in each essay
  • Transform personal anecdotes and themes into cohesive personal narratives
  • Tap into students' unique "tribal knowledge" of relevant extracurriculars
Essay Review (1 Hour/Essay)
  • Ensure compelling flow and structure across your essays
  • Dodge common applicant mistakes in grammar, syntax and vocabulary
  • Make sure your essay encompasses the correct on-campus opportunities
Recommendations (2 Hours)
  • Learn how your mentor approached recommender selection to aid in your own process
  • Receive guidance on how to approach and guide recommenders
Interview Preparation (2 Hours)
  • Walk through effective strategies for interviewing, along with your mentor's personal experience
  • Mock interview with your mentor to develop your on-the-spot response skills
Bundled (10 Hours)
  • Purchase multiple hours ahead of time to deploy as you prefer
  • Buy 10 hours for 10% off the individual hourly rate